About All Things NONPROFIT

I’m Reet Alexander and I am the founder of All Things NONPROFIT.


After 20 years as a nonprofit expert in the field and in the classroom, I started All Things NONPROFIT with the primary goal of leveling the playing field for emergent nonprofits and other charitable start-ups.


When non-profit founders first start out in this rewarding but challenging industry, many become discouraged by the amount of competition they face for funding, community support, volunteer enrollment and recruitment of influential board members and other stakeholders.  It can be a daunting task for the most determined and well-connected non-profit founder.


Having witnessed the failure of many new non-profit organizations, I started All Things NONPROFIT to level the playing field by providing emergent nonprofits and other charitable start-ups with vital information, resources, tools, experience and advice that equip them to create non-profit businesses that are sustainable, financially healthy, maximized for impact and positioned for long-term success,


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I’m excited to be you cheerleader, coach and co-pilot on this amazing journey you have embarked upon.  If you hit some scary turbulence or just have a question or concern you need me to address, don’t hesitate to shoot me an email at Reet@AllThingsNonprofit.org.


Take care and keep fighting the good fight.



Reet Alexander, Non-profit expert




~ Reet Alexander



P.S. Want to learn how to start a tax exempt non-profit in 8 easy steps? Download the infographic at the top of the page!