Non-Profit Marketing Help

Sometimes, kids just need to find the right activity to pour themselves into.  Such is the case with the youth from the Gifford School.  Community organizations should take note of this project and implement similar options to students at risk of falling through the cracks.

For students who have struggled trying to fit in at previous schools due to social, emotional and/or learning challenges, The Gifford School in Weston offers a community that fosters a sense of belonging. Feeling accepted, supported and safe helps our students achieve success in academics and social relationships, which in turn enables them to look outside themselves to support others in the community. One example of that success is happening in Gifford’s Philanthropy Group whose main goal is to create and nurture the spirit of service to the community. Throughout the course of the current school year, the high school students in the Philanthropy Group have volunteered their time and effort toward a variety of causes and charities.

We will continue to track the program to see how the students and the greater Weston community are continuing to benefit from this charitable effort.

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