California Charter School News

It appears local school boards are once again back in control.  This has been a long and bitter battle, and we aren’t convinced it is over.  That being said, The 74 places charter schools back under the supervision of local schools.  Charter schools are now expected to follow similar rules, including those regarding transparency, as public schools.

Earlier this week, the California State Assembly advanced a bill that would restore control to local school boards, allowing them to manage this economic problem. According to The 74, the bill will give local school districts “sole authority to approve new charter schools and to consider how new schools would impact the district’s budget in the approval process. Since new charter schools typically attract students—and funding—away from traditional public schools, many expect that this measure would make it much more difficult for new charter schools to be approved.”

What are your thoughts on the charter/public debate?  Are you in agreement with The 74 or do you believe charter schools should be allowed to self regulate?

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