Bootstrapping Non-Profit Organizations with Services and Products to Better Target, Impact, and Empower Their Communities


Bootstrapping Non-Profit Organizations with Services and Products to Better Target, Impact, and Empower Their Communities


Each year, charities in the US receive over $400 billion from individuals, estates, corporations, and foundations.  We help you create and execute a funding plan that taps into diverse funding streams – grants, corporate sponsorship, planned giving, earned income, etc. –  so that your non-profit organization is balanced, healthy and sustainable.

CSR Partnerships

In the non-profit world, partnerships are key.  The wealthiest Fortune 500 enterprises establish corporate social responsibility (CSR) departments to support charitable efforts.  Since CSR departments have funding but limited programming staff, they partner with non-profits who specialize in service delivery.  We help charities partner with CSR departments.

E.D. On Call℠

Since most non-profits run lean operations, founders wear many hats to cover duties of missing staff positions.   Do you need – but can’t afford – an Executive Director? Get E.D. on Call.  A veteran executive director assists in creating and executing a strategic plan, securing funding, recruiting board members, and solving everyday problems when they arise.

Web Design and SEO

Gone are the days when founders focus solely on having a great mission.  With over three million charities in the US, competition is fierce.  Non-profits now need to be visible online, easy to find and simple to evaluate by potential supporters.  Our affordable web design and search engine optimization service ensures charities have a verifiable online presence so donors, volunteers, board members and other supporters can find them easily, quickly and consistently.

Social Media and Local Marketing

With 77% of Americans on social media and 85% of consumers searching online for local businesses to support, non-profits definitely need a social media presence and a solid local reputation.  We create and execute social media and local marketing strategies that build lasting relationships and engagement while making sure you appear prominently in local Google search results, also known as the Snack Pack.

Copywriting and Content Creation

From grant proposals to social media posts on #GivingTuesday, content creation is the lifeblood of every non-profit.  If you don’t have a story that resonates with private foundations, CSR departments, and regular big-hearted citizens, your organization will not compete well with causes who have a great story to tell in every format imaginable.   Our copywriters are seasoned storytellers.  We help you get noticed, celebrated and funded.

Results That Matter

Through interactive video, social media content engagement, and customized local marketing, non-profits experience increased:

  • Engagement and traffic
  • Google ranking and
  • Social Proof and authority in their fields.

Why should you care? Achieving these marketing benchmarks leads to more supporters, donations, earned income, partners, and visibility.  As a result, non-profit organizations can do more good because they have more resources.

  • Interactive Video Marketing = ⬆ Engagement and Traffic 100% 100%
  • Google Local 3-Pack Optimized = ⬆ Google Ranking 100% 100%
  • Targeted Content Creation = ⬆ Social Proof and Authority 100% 100%

Online Courses and In-Person Training

Need to train your board of directors or on-board new hires?  Maybe you are interested in DIY grant writing.  Whatever you need, we have you covered with comprehensive online training and on-site training.

Make Your Non-Profit Business Profitable!

Want to make sure your non-profit is positioned for profitability and success? Get the free cheat sheet. It will help you find golden eggs hidden within your non-profit organization.

Partners In Service

We are honored to partner with you in service.  With decades of non-profit experience under our belts, we know what works – and what doesn’t work – in the exempt world.  With that in mind, we are perfectly suited to equip you with the knowledge, services, and tools needed to succeed.

Don’t just take our word for it.  Get a feel for the depth of our expertise in a free 30-minute strategy session.  Schedule your session below!

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