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Reet Alexander shows you how to start a non-profit



If you’ve landed here, chances are you are pretty serious about starting a nonprofit and joining our illustrious community of givers, action-takers and unstoppable forces of nature.


Welcome to the club!


I’m excited about the journey you have embarked upon, and I will do everything in my power to help you succeed as a nonprofit business.

Getting Started


If you are completely new to the nonprofit world and have yet to form a nonprofit business in your state, I suggest you start off by reading the site’s inaugural post, How to Start a Non-Profit Organization.  This post is the first in a series that addresses the steps you will take to form your nonprofit agency in your state before applying for federal tax exemption for your nonprofit through the IRS.


If you have formed your nonprofit business, been assigned an EIN, and have your organizational documents in hand, you are probably ready to start the federal tax exemption process.  If so, you have two choices:


  • You can claim your spot in my crash course – Get Non-Profit Tax Exemption in 10 Days.  In this online course, I break down the tax exemption process into three parts and guide you step by step through the completion and submission of form 1023 for federal tax exemption.  Since I need to give each student individual attention in this course, space for Get Non-Profit Tax Exemption in 10 Days is limited. Sign-up now
    to be notified immediately when enrollment opens in two weeks for my crash course – Get Non-Profit Tax Exemption in 10 Days.

Regardless of the path you choose, you will find All Things NONPROFIT is committed to providing you with the information, resources and tools needed for you to fully serve your community.


If you need to reach me, please feel encouraged to contact me at


~ Reet Alexander