When I was asked to evaluate grant proposals for grantmaking foundations, one thing that caused worthy nonprofits to be denied funding – over and over -was not having a clear and easy to identify marketing plan.


Funders need to know that if they partner with you by giving you money to carry out service delivery, you will invest the necessary resources to spread the word about the good work being done.

When other potential partners hear about the impact being made through your efforts, they will join forces with you and your funders by adding their support and dollars to the mission.

In essence, marketing allows you to attract matching funds so you can do more for the audience you serve.

When a nonprofit doesn’t have a marketing strategy, that is a red flag to funders and supporters.

Red flag = no funding.

Listen, I get it.

You’re already giving everything you have – including the shirt off your back – to keep your organization afloat. Where are you supposed to get the money and time to execute a marketing strategy?

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